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Open Source Marketing - what's that? · 25. August 2005, 19:53 by Michael Bravo

Is the lack of open source marketing a problem? by ZDNet’s Dana Blankenhorn—Strategic leadership in open source is like herding cats, and thus giving everyone the same marketing direction becomes nearly impossible. It leaves most projects without the scale to compete when what they’re doing becomes really hot.

Maybe I don’t get it, but isn’t Open Source marketing the very thing HughTrain is all about?

On hypocrisy · 24. August 2005, 19:18 by Michael Bravo

Today’s quote from Fred (short and to the point, as usual).

Hypocrisy is the natural condition of man. Today Christians insisting that God is Love bomb Moslem children. Praise Jesus.

Prevent data loss in MS Word 2003 · 24. August 2005, 04:17 by Michael Bravo

MalekTips lists a simple but handy option in Word 2003 that can save you hours and hours of lost work when saving files over network, or on your removable drive you then forget to unmount properly:

1. Click “Tools”, selecting “Options”.

2. When the “Options” multi-tabbed dialog box appears, click the “Save” tab.

3. Check “Make local copy of files stored on network or removable drives”.

4. Click “OK” to save your changes.

via LifeHacker

Ugly-gugly snobbery · 23. August 2005, 18:11 by Michael Bravo

Anil Dash agrees with Lance Arthur’s expressed hate of Google’s logo. Erm, I know, I know, it’s freedom of speech and meme-making powers all along, and I’m not actually a fan of Google at any rate, but anyway this looks like a bit of ye olde snobbery, nothing more, nothing less.

How to eat sushi properly · 22. August 2005, 21:57 by Michael Bravo

Even though Noriko Takiguchi sushi eating lessons are based on California sushi places, it was very interesting to read and I’m positive it can be applied to your sushi experience worldwide :) So far, 7 lessons have been posted: Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6 and Part7

A busy day at Canon · 22. August 2005, 21:15 by Michael Bravo

Canon has announced nine new digital cameras today, along with a couple lenses and a flash. Here’s a quick list with links to DPreview –

To top it up, they also released 13 new PIXMA printers

Ray Bradbury turns 85 today · 22. August 2005, 17:50 by Michael Bravo

Today is the birthday of one of the most wonderful SF authors – Ray Bradbury turns 85. Many happy returns of the day!

Sequencing is weird · 22. August 2005, 13:30 by Michael Bravo

No, not the genetic stuff. My blogging day started today on a weird Nitzcheanic note, with two successive items in my aggregator showing up from BoingBoing – first, the item on Reboot Stereophonic reissue, featuring CD booklet stating GOD IS A MOOG in large lettering, and then the next item on the passing of Robert Moog

Online payments strike again, now at Flickr · 21. August 2005, 22:01 by Michael Bravo

[rant mode]

Now this is the subject that pisses me off so much, I usually refrain from posting on it. However, as the most recent perpetrator is one of the most buzz-worded, coolest and hippest services on the Net, namely Flickr, I felt the necessity to let some steam off.

For the background, I have been shopping online since the very action became possible, more or less. I have always been careful, and never was scammed, – the only case I have been charged extra was an inadvertent mistake on the part of a T-shirt seller, who charged me twice; he apologized and refunded before I received my monthly statement.

During the course of my online shopping experience, naturally, I have seen loads of places who had problems with taking money from a Russian-issued credit card. These, basically, fell into several categories:

Now, I can expect some glitzy, pompous, transnational online shopping emporiums to exhibit the behaviour of that latter category. But why would Flickr do that? It’s not cool, it’s not hip, it’s not hi-tech, it’s insulting and outright stupid. Why would a smallish web-shop based in Texas outback be able to sell me a Leatherman Wave (and successfully ship it to my door via regular snail mail, without a word of whining or any questions asked), and a wildly popular web service (read: doesn’t sell tangible things), allied with Yahoo, would turn me away? Especially after putting “why don’t you upgrade” hints all throughout the interface, and never saying a word that you can only do that if you live in a certain country.


[/rant mode]

P.S. I should note that Flickr support did respond to my complaint on the subject, apologizing, but, unfortunately, the essence of the answer was exactly like described in the posers category above.

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Fascinating · 21. August 2005, 18:56 by Michael Bravo

This is fascinating, absolutely fascinating – For All Seasons (download the executable and run it (no viruses there, at least for the time being)).

For those who doesn’t want to explore for controls – left mouse button chooses/activates/affects, right mouse button can be used for 3D navigation by click, hold and drag, mousewheel can zoom, and Esc key returns/exits.

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