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Nanotube manufacturing breakthrough · 20. August 2005, 18:26 by Michael Bravo

The wonderful people in Dallas, Texas, have created a printer that can churn out ultra-long carbon nanotube sheets at a speeds of up to 7 meters per minute. This will have much bigger impact on our everyday lives than it might seem to you now.

via BoingBoing

Ten ways MMORPGs will change the future · 20. August 2005, 18:09 by Michael Bravo

I do not really like all this World of Warcraft slant (there are better games out there, hint hint), but still

There are more people playing World of Warcraft in the U.S. today (two million) than had indoor plumbing 100 years ago.

new Intel CPUs - the real reason behind Apple's switch? · 20. August 2005, 18:03 by Michael Bravo

Nicholas Blachford speculates about the new processors about to be unveiled at next week’s Intel developer forum. Basically, he thinks that the new CPUs will be a new, erm, Transmeta-like, VLIW-based chips with radically slashed power consumption while not really sacrificing much in computing power.

The change is so big in fact, it’s the reason for Apple’s processor switch. Indeed the phrase given when Steve Jobs announced the switch, “performance per watt” is the very same phrase being used by Intel spokesmen.

Body + Soul = PC · 20. August 2005, 17:14 by Michael Bravo

According tothis article on TRN, non other than IBM has taken a long good look at Knoppix, coupled it with nice flash drive, and morphed the result into something called SoulPad. The idea is to make a particular piece of hardware you happen to be sitting at only a soulless skeleton, devoid of personalized settings and customization, and store all that (a soul) on this device. When you move away, you take the PC soul with you, able to plug it in a friend’s PC, or Internet cafe rent-a-comp, and be instantly within your comfortable environment, if maybe a bit restricted by the hardware capabilities of the current body.

It’s not like the idea itself is new, in fact, I have written about Project BlackDog in my LiveJournal a while ago, and I believe there were other similar approaches, but the weight IBM can put behind such a product can make a difference.

Terrorists as pirates · 19. August 2005, 19:27 by Michael Bravo

LegalAffair has a very interesting feature article by Douglas R. Burgess Jr., comparing terrorists to pirates, in particular in regards to current international law framework (or, in fact, lack thereof) on terrorism. Historical parallels between corsairs and terrorists certainly look enlightening.

Google about to sell more shares for about $4bn total · 19. August 2005, 15:49 by Michael Bravo

According to an extensive article on Bloomberg, Google is about to sell shares to the tune of about $4bn.

Why I don't fancy going to USA much these days · 18. August 2005, 20:00 by Michael Bravo

This short article on Making Light weblog and the subsequent discussion of it in the comments section pretty much sums up my opinion towards travel to United States of America. Mind you, I know it is a huge country, with lots and lots of nice people living there (I know many dozens personally, and uncounted numbers virtually, and it’s a privilege), with stunning nature etc and so on. I even visited on business once. But with the current run of events and trends, any desire to go there to meet the people or see the nature is diminishing daily. Pity, that.

Adobe opens corporate blog site · 18. August 2005, 18:43 by Michael Bravo

Adobe evangelists join the fray with the corporate blog center of their own.

Google buys second mobile technology startup in a row · 18. August 2005, 18:25 by Michael Bravo

BusinessWeek reports:

In what could be a key move in its nascent wireless strategy, Google (GOOG ) has quietly acquired startup Android Inc., BusinessWeek Online has learned. The 22-month-old startup, based in Palo Alto, Calif., brings to Google a wealth of talent, including co-founder Andy Rubin, who previously started mobile-device maker Danger Inc.


In May, Google acquired Dodgeball, a mobile social-networking service. Using a wireless device, users can send a text message to their circle of friends, announcing that they will be at a certain coffee shop or hangout. In addition, users can be notified if friends-of-friends are within a certain vicinity. Google has not disclosed how it will incorporate the Dodgeball offering into its services.

Some StarWars humour · 18. August 2005, 18:19 by Michael Bravo

A few days ago, BoingBoing posted a link to Vader Has a Posse stickers. There is a LiveJournal user nicknamed zhgun, who churns out excellent humorous (or sometimes not so humorous) caricatures and illustrations, including this one on Star Wars theme

NB: his pictures are subtitled in Russian and often are only meaningful enough if you are aware of certain national contexts within Russia

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