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Online payments strike again, now at Flickr · 21. August 2005, 22:01 by Michael Bravo

[rant mode]

Now this is the subject that pisses me off so much, I usually refrain from posting on it. However, as the most recent perpetrator is one of the most buzz-worded, coolest and hippest services on the Net, namely Flickr, I felt the necessity to let some steam off.

For the background, I have been shopping online since the very action became possible, more or less. I have always been careful, and never was scammed, – the only case I have been charged extra was an inadvertent mistake on the part of a T-shirt seller, who charged me twice; he apologized and refunded before I received my monthly statement.

During the course of my online shopping experience, naturally, I have seen loads of places who had problems with taking money from a Russian-issued credit card. These, basically, fell into several categories:

Now, I can expect some glitzy, pompous, transnational online shopping emporiums to exhibit the behaviour of that latter category. But why would Flickr do that? It’s not cool, it’s not hip, it’s not hi-tech, it’s insulting and outright stupid. Why would a smallish web-shop based in Texas outback be able to sell me a Leatherman Wave (and successfully ship it to my door via regular snail mail, without a word of whining or any questions asked), and a wildly popular web service (read: doesn’t sell tangible things), allied with Yahoo, would turn me away? Especially after putting “why don’t you upgrade” hints all throughout the interface, and never saying a word that you can only do that if you live in a certain country.


[/rant mode]

P.S. I should note that Flickr support did respond to my complaint on the subject, apologizing, but, unfortunately, the essence of the answer was exactly like described in the posers category above.

  1. Ми?,
    прими, пожалуйста, фликровский эккаунт в качестве неуклюжего заглаживания вины.
    Я понимаю несоразмерность про*банной Костей кассеты с годом фликровской подписки, но чувствую себя ужасно неуютно и беспомощно в попытках хоть как-то—не компенсировать даже потерю, но хотя бы выразить сожаление по поводу случив?егося.

    — Yuri    Sep 1, 07:01 AM    #
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