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More EvE Online - Hawk assault frigate · 30. December 2005, 05:53 by Michael Bravo


originally uploaded by mbravo.

I was taking my new (well, not exactly new, been gathering dust awhile, waiting for my skills to catch up, and still some to do, to be honest) Hawk class assault frigate for a spin tonight. It was also my first time in any assault frigate, so I was a bit nervous. For a test, I decided to try and solo a Serpentis 4/10 complex. My fittings included two 125mm II guns (antimatter ammo) and two standard missile launchers (thermal damage light missiles, which name escapes me at the moment) in the high slots, smal shield booster II, 1MN afterburner II and two t1 Serpentis-specific shield hardeners in the mid slots, and two power diagnostic units II in lows.

All in all, the test has gone extremely well. I never even used the shield booster, and my shield never got below 90% despite the opposition including dozens of both cruisers and frigates. Capacitor also ran above 50% all the time, with both shield hardeners, afterburner and all weapons going non-stop.

However, I was unable to break the tank of complex boss, a Serpentis Vindicator battleship. I spent about 10 minutes shaving its shield off, but armor tank didn’t really budge so I had to quit.

Conclusion – great tanking capability but I need to boost the firepower. I will try fitting 150mm II guns instead of 125s, and either train up to t2 standard missile launchers (and high-damage t2 light missiles) or possibly try t2 rocket launchers as they give higher dps (damage per second) and I am orbiting targets at around 10km anyway.

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