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reviving dead media · 21. September 2006, 02:18 by Michael Bravo

Last weekend I bought an Epson Perfection 3590 scanner, which combines your usual flatbed construction and film scanner in the top cover, the latter good enough to have automatic motor. What I intend to do with it is to digitize a whole lot of dead media I have accumulated in my apartment and put it all online in the gallery

It will probably take a lot of time, like a year or more, because I have things like photo albums from my grandparents (dating back to the beginning of XX century), and all such stuff onward from there, not to mention my own b/w negatives and prints back from when I was still a student. In fact, slides and negatives will be easier – I will be using the most excellent Vuescan software, which I discovered and bought years ago, which has some really nifty batch scanning features (and is also the absolute best in terms of quality and configurability). I am not completely sure what the dust removal feature on that scanner really is – I suspect it’s software-only and not a real infrared channel to detect dust like in Nikon film scanners, but we will see.

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