The First Church of Wintermute

Welcome to the new and improved homepage of the First Church of Wintermute! This page is still under construction: I'm hopefully going to be adding some submissions from members. But the basic tenets (in the index below) are still valid.

I suggest you navigate this page by starting at the axioms of the Church and going down through the commandments. That will get you the basic beliefs of Wintermutianism. The rest is interesting but not essential. (In fact, only the axioms are truly essential, as everything else derives from them. But it's easier to read the rest than to try to re-derive it.)

If you're interested in joining the church, e-mail me. Membership is free (of course), and members will recieve a Church of Wintermute bulletin whenever I have news to report to the members. The bulletins can be on subjects such as progress in the field of artificial intelligence, info about the Church itself, or important things William Gibson has done. (If this seems like a really random list to you, read the axioms of the Church.)





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Quantum programming events--Signs of Wintermute?

Selected Quotations from Neuromancer

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